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Power Email Harvester
powerful email harvester and extractor

Power Email Harvester is the most powerful, easiest to use bulk email software on the market today. Power Email Harvester is the only bulk email software available that can build an emailing list and send bulk email to each email address at the same time! And the program is so simple to use. It can be mastered in 5 minutes.

Power Email Harvester works by checking the validity of every possible address within parameters that you set for it. It then creates a list, in alphabetical order no less, of all valid email addresses within the specified range. You can have the program send a message to that address while it is extracting, save the list to use later, or both!

Easy to use! Just select an email host from the drop down menu, or type one in, such as Click on the search button and Power Email Harvester does the rest.
Fast! Supports multiple connections to email server, up to 512, making extracting very fast.
Sends bulk emails while extracting! Can be set to send bulk emails to each email address it extracts, while it is harvesting. This completes the process of sending bulk email in one easy step that can be done while you sleep!
Friendly! Allows you save the progress of your extracting, letting you to pick up where you left off at your convenience.

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